BioMedES Testimonials

“We are satisfied with the results of the editing job by BioMedES” and “A rapid and efficient service” (Dr Adalberto Vieyra, Brazil)
“We are satisfied with your quick and high quality service. Thank you very much for your kind assistance” (Dr Weijen Guan, China)
“We appreciate your prompt reply to my request” (Dr Chen, Taiwan)
“The service is quick and good” (Dr Don, China)

"It was my honour to listen to your special lecture “The Importance of Scientific Writing and Publishing” at NHRI on June 26th at the IFCB International Training Course, so I learned the existing of BioMedES which can solve my English writing problem. You said “A paper is the product of your research effort, it must be the best you can produce, and it is going on the world stage”. I agree completely, but I never found an editing company which could understand my English and Science well, and transform my comprehensive science written with poor English into an excellent scientific paper. I want to yell " I found it " after I saw the revised manuscript from your company. It is wonderful. Thank you so much for your effort, I am so glad you have created this company for us. I am very satisfied with your service."

The best aspects of this service were:
Scientific competence, Accuracy, Speediness, Practicalness, Kindness and flexibility of contact persons and overall service cheapness.

I was delighted to see such a service existed as I had not found one before. It was a great help!

Your service is quick, accurate and convenient.