Specimen Paper

The attached specimen paper was in need of extensive revision to improve its English. The final product (FV) reads so much better than the original - as can be seen from the amount of corrections that have been made. It now has a much greater chance of being accepted by a journal. Not only is the text corrected, but formatting problems have also been corrected during the process. For those who have not previously used our service, the procedure is as follows: The original MS is sent to BioMedES as an email attachment, preferably as a Word document (either in Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word). It is then allocated to one of the staff qualified and knowledgeable in the subject area to do the corrections. This process usually takes about 2 to 5 days. When an article has been finished, the final version may not be entirely to the satisfaction of the author. It is not uncommon that in rephrasing a sentence in apparently better English, the precise intention (meaning or connotation) of the author has not been fully met. In science, precision is everything, including the writing of an article. Therefore, if there is any dubiety or confusion in this regard, the author is entitled to open up a dialogue with BioMedES until satisfaction is achieved (this is at no extra cost to the estimate unless extensive changes are expected and/or new material is added that was not covered before).

By clicking on “final”, you can see the finished paper that is returned to the author. The original will show you what the submitted manuscript was like. The example given is one in which very substantial changes were necessary (see “final with markup”), and most articles are not as complex or difficult as this one, but it does show a very wide range of the type of corrections we make to an article.

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