Technical Reports and Writing

From technical notes to e-books, we can help you with your publication problems! BioMedES helps in the preparation of scientific papers, technical reports and other (biomedical) documents. We make sure they are professionally written to the highest standard of English, are accurate grammatically and conform to the standards required to pass the strict peer review process for publication in a journal.

Our staff have redone many hundreds of articles, books, technical reports, from final polishing to complete translations. We ensure that they are finished to the highest standard of International or American English.

We specialise in taking final drafts through to finished papers for authors whose native tongue is not English. Articles can also be prepared to the required format for any particular journal, further assisting the chances under the rigours of peer review.

BioMedES plays a large role in the production of four in-house journals, both on-line and conventional. This expertise is also available to assist other editors and journals in the biomedical field.