Abstracts and Conference Proceedings

Abstracts and conference proceedings services from BioMedES, including biomedical assistance (e.g. for International Federation for Cell Biology), conference proceedings and abstracts.

Biomedical Assistance

Administrative services at BioMedES include the administration of an international organisation for cell biology, the International Federation for Cell Biology (IFCB) and the company also prepares abstracts for scientific meetings.

Conference Proceedings

The company has the experience of being involved in the arranging and managing of conferences at both national and international levels. These can be handled by BioMedES with the same efficiency as with our other services, producing high quality literature required at conferences, symposia and workshops.


BioMedES can handle abstract production, and if required, help find avenues for their publication. This gets around the increasing reluctance of many biomedical journals to publish abstracts. This is because of the high costs entailed and the lack of space in journals due to tight budgetary controls over page space.

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