Courses and Workshops

Very few training courses are run for graduate students, postgraduates and post-docs by colleges, universities, institutes and similar organizations to become career scientists or doctors. This is a travesty when you consider “Our Philosophy” on the Home page. Many have spent years on expensive research, but have not acquired any skills or experience in preparing papers. BioMedES provides “Courses and Workshops”, with face-to face interactive teaching, that have been presented all over the world (see News), especially helping non-native English speakers.To get an overview of the structure of a typical course, go to “How to Write Papers” on the main menu, where you can download the file free of charge. This chapter is the first in a manual of gives an outline of the training required and leads to a further 16 chapters giving explicit details from the first drafting of a paper right through procedures that take it to its published form. 

The Open Access Debate

Open Access (OA) means that any individual user, anywhere, who has access to the World Wide Web, may link, read, download, store, print-off, use, and data-mine the digital content of that article, which usually has limited copyright and licensing restrictions. (See definition in Wikipedia).

Electronic Publishing

Electronic publishing is increasingly important today and BioMedES now provides training courses in the area, especially for those involved in scientific and medical writing. The courses teach the skills and practices required in today's global scientific publishing industry.

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