Editorial services for the scientific and medical professions

Scientific Writing and Publishing - the complete ManualBioMedES (pronounced “bio-meed-eez”, as in Archimedes) provides high quality professional services to improve typescripts so they can be presented in the best possible idiomatic English. We offer editorial and administrative services that can be tailored to the needs of the individual scientist, doctors and society, but can also meet the needs of biomedical industries, government agencies and conference organizers with regard to preparation of many of their documents required in polished idiomatic English. Our work is no longer devoted entirely to biomedical articles, and we welcome other enquiries.

The primary function of BioMedES is to help authors, especially non-native English speakers, prepare research manuscripts, grant applications, theses and other documents for submission to journals, examining bodies, grant agencies and government services. For primary research articles, there is a far greater chance of a paper being accepted at peer review if it is presented in the best possible English. Manuals have also been rewritten in English for technological industries. The company has helped authors in over 40 countries, handling hundreds of typescripts per year.

BioMedES is a fast and efficient editing service with a prompt response rate, and a 2-3 days turnaround at highly competitive prices. Staff members are highly qualified in science, medicine (including healthcare), mathematics and other disciplines, and have many years of experience in the editing. Quality output has established our reputation (see Testimonials).

BioMedES offers copy-editing services, e-publishing and visual designs (e.g. logos). We run training courses on scientific writing and publishing procedures. To help non-native English speakers, BioMedES has produced a Manual to assist in writing and publishing papers (go to Authoring Guidelines). With our experience in planning of national and international workshops, symposia and conferences, BioMedES offers help with event organization, including, e.g. correction and collations of abstracts.

 We have now published our new manual of Scientific Writing and Publishing on Kindle. This manual was honed by our experience and our many courses worldwide.

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