About Us

BioMedES was established in 1998 by Dr Denys Wheatley after he became Editor-in-Chief of Cell Biology International. He was aware that many scientists from non-English speaking countries had difficulty preparing papers in English to met the standards required by international journals. If scientifically sound, submissions from “disadvantaged” authors needed to be improved for a fairer chance of acceptance at peer review. BioMedES now handles hundreds of manuscripts, theses and other documents each year, skillfully managing the grammar, syntax, spelling, jargon, presentation and format, while checking their scientific, technical and general soundness.

The company has helped authors in over 40 countries (listed below). Our fast, efficient and highly competitive service charges a basic fee, and pricing can be negotiable depending on the volume of work involved (see Contact). BioMedES has helped many publishers and institutions worldwide, including Elsevier, Portland Press, Wiley and BioMedCentral, the University of Bergen, Academica Sinica (Taiwan) and Odessa State Medical University.

Range of editing offered

Technical reports have also been rewritten in idiomatic English for industries. Copy-editinge-publishing and visual designs (e.g. logos) for diverse organizations lie within our compass. Our editing extends to many areas other than biomedicine and science, for example a 150-page book on Referenda in Europe. We run worldwide training courses of 1-2 days in length on scientific writing and publishing procedures, e.g. from countries such as Brazil and The Philippines. To help non-native English speakers in particular, BioMedES has now produced a manual to assist in writing, submitting and publishing scientific and medical papers in conventional and electronic journals - go to “Manual”.

Conference assistance

With a wealth of experience in the planning of national and international, small and large symposia, workshops and conferences, BioMedES can help with Event organization, including online or hardcopy abstract collations for congresses (see “Services”).

Countries of origin of articles have included:

Taiwan, France, China, Italy, Norway, Morocco, Spain, Brazil, Poland, India, Iran, Holland, Sweden, Russia, USA, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Portugal, Estonia, Greece, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Cambodia, Saudi, Egypt, Madeira, Turkey, Canada, Austria, Argentina, Denmark, Belgium, Colombia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Tunisia and Jordan]